Tackling Winter Weather Concerns

Tackling Winter Weather Concerns

With harsh winter weather conditions, heavy snowfall, and frigid temperatures, monitoring and maintaining your roofing system becomes more important than ever. Your roof serves as a layer of protection over your entire building and ensuring that it stays functional and durable even through severe weather is absolutely critical. Here are a few key considerations for maintaining your roof through winter weather:


Unclog Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are common, and important, tools for redirecting water off your roof while preventing leaks or water damage from occurring. However, in winter weather these can often become clogged by ice dams and melted snow. As a result, moisture can overflow and seep beneath shingles, potentially causing costly damages and repairs. Ensuring gutters and downspouts are free of debris, leaves, or branches can help prevent these backups and prepare for potentially harsh winter conditions.


Monitor Snow Buildup

Heavy snowfall can be extremely damaging to roofing systems, particularly when it builds up over time through consistently freezing temperatures. While melting snow can cause moisture damage, accumulated snow can pose a safety risk as the increased weight on your roof can negatively impact the structural integrity of your entire building. Monitoring excessive snowfall and prioritizing snow removal helps to minimize this risk during winter months.


Consider Installing a Heating System

If your building resides in an area prone to heavy snowfall or especially severe winter storms, investing in a comprehensive heating system can significantly improve the longevity of your roofing system. Heating cables or mats can help to prevent ice dams or snow buildup by maintaining a consistent surface temperature across your roofing system, thus reducing the risk of winter weather related damages.


Schedule an Inspection

Having your roofing system fully inspected prior to the arrival of winter weather can go a long way in preventing damages down the line. A professional roofing inspector may be able to identify areas for improvement or repairs that are necessary to rectify before snow and ice escalate existing problems. However, it can also be beneficial to schedule a post-winter inspection to ensure that your roofing system has not been damaged by the harsh weather. These preventative measures increase the longevity of your roof’s service life and help to minimize potential costs associated with repairs or replacements.


Collaborating with the team of experienced roofing professionals at Building Technology Associates allows you to fully prepare for all inclement weather before it occurs. With thorough inspection capabilities, state-of-the-art roofing technologies, and an in-depth understanding of how climate and weather impacts your unique roofing system, Building Technology Associates can help to ensure your roofing system remains safe, durable, and reliable through even the harshest winters.