Roof Asset Management Services

As a roof asset management company, we can assist clients with a wide range of services, all focused on reducing costs and prolonging the life of your roof assets:

At BTA, we always focus on what’s best for you. Most clients find the greatest benefit from our Roof Fitness Program. However, we can provide individual services to meet your specific needs. From infra-red drone analysis to turn-key roof asset management, the BTA team delivers the same standards of expertise and quality to every project.

Pioneering Roof Asset Management

In the 1950s, BTA became a pioneer in roof asset management and owner advocacy. As an independent owner-advocate, BTA uses cutting-edge technology and expertise to find safe ways to prolong roof life. We will always focus on recommending the right roof, at the right time for the lowest achievable price. We manage the immediate repairs and when the roof has to be replaced, we will design it, write the specifications, oversee the bidding process, and manage the construction. Our Roof Fitness Program utilizes our patented process and RoofSuite® software to lower disruptions to operations, improve safety and prevent future problems.
The Cost of Ignoring Your Roofs
Usually, you never think about your roof until there is a problem. While understandable, this lack of planning means that businesses and organizations spend significant and unnecessary amounts on their roofs every year. In addition to repair and replacement, poor roof asset management issues cause:

• Electrical and worker safety risks
• Property and equipment damage
• Loss of inventory
• Interruptions to operations
• Increased Insurance costs
• Energy loss
• Depreciation – Asset Retirement
• Customer inconvenience