Roofing Trends: 2024 Edition

Roofing Trends: 2024 Edition

Like every industry across the globe, roofing trends change and develop year after year, particularly due to the innovation of new technologies and practices that revolutionize roofing management. Here are a few of the anticipated roofing trends for 2024:

New Roofing Technologies

Technological advancement has opened the door to more accurate, accessible, and thorough roofing management practices, and these progressive inventions are anticipated to continue to trend throughout 2024. Smart roofs with sensors which can identify leaks are becoming more commonplace, leading to more time-sensitive alerts regarding necessary repairs or replacements. These new roofing technologies are anticipated to change the ways that building owners and managers can not only create roofing systems, but also identify and address problems more quickly and cost-effectively.

Eco-Friendly Materials & Designs

The push for sustainable designs and roofing construction continues into 2024 as customers seek ways to cut energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment. Designs utilizing roof coatings, cool roofs and solar panels continue to gain popularity, offering efficient and practical solutions to building owners. Already, many owners are offered incentives for sustainable roofing designs, and these incentives are expected to increase and become more common throughout 2024.

Weather Resistance

Standard shingles are well-known to not always provide the highest level of support and durability in harsh weather climates. For this reason, many are choosing more weather-resistant materials and designs to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy rain or snow, and strong winds. In 2024, the use of impact-resistant shingles and insulation is expected to increase, and several insurance companies have begun to offer discounts to those who utilize these weather-resistant materials.


Drones have been utilized in roofing management for several years now, but their popularity is expected to rise in 2024 as more people choose to tap into their ability to assess roofs more accurately and accessibly. Infrared drone technology is used to identify potential leaks or damages and can be helpful for accessing hard-to-see areas of roofing systems, leading to a lower risk of injury to employees. However, drone technology has expanded to also include advanced inspection capabilities and can even play a beneficial role in roof installation processes.

As roofing trends continue to develop and grow, it’s important to partner with a trusted roofing company that keeps current with industry advancements and offers top of the line tools and equipment. Building Technology Associates prides itself in its knowledgeable staff that works to ensure customers have a wide range of roof management options to choose from, including cutting-edge tools like RoofSuite and infrared drones for precise and comprehensive roofing oversight.