Comprehensive Roof Asset Management: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Comprehensive Roof Asset Management: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

While roofs are one of the most critical components of any building, necessary for providing shelter, safety, and insulation, they’re often ignored or forgotten until a problem arises. The issue with this type of reactive rather than proactive roof management is that repairs or replacements can easily become astronomically expensive, and minor leaks or damages become major cost-draining fixes.

Comprehensive roof asset management helps to not only lower these costs, but also provide more strategic oversight for the entire service life of your roofing system. Fixing a leak here and there may tide your roof over in the short term, but effective management involves frequent and thorough monitoring of your roofing system to collect relevant data to determine the current state of your roof, identify potential areas of concern, and estimate when repairs or replacements may be necessary.

This type of proactive management allows you, as a building owner or manager, to make strategic decisions regarding when a contractor is necessary, how detrimental a leak or membrane defect is to the roofing system as a whole, and where your roof currently resides in its service life. Utilizing precise technology and data management software, you can access accurate dimensions and measurements, analyze past inspection data to identify areas of deterioration, and plan for any necessary maintenance. Without measuring these factors, you cannot properly manage your roofing system.

Building Technology Associates (BTA) understands how overwhelming roof management can seem at first glance, and as a result offers a cutting-edge solution called RoofSuite to centralize all of the information and considerations necessary to prolong your roof’s service life and make the most strategic decisions in relation to your building and your budget.

Using top-notch technology like infrared drones and RoofLeak, BTA can help to provide a real-time comprehensive overview of your roofing system, including instant identification of weaker areas on your roof that may warrant repairs or replacements. The sooner you access this information, the sooner you can begin to budget and plan for necessary maintenance. Partnering with BTA for your roof asset management ensures that you can have a thorough perspective on best practices for maintaining your roofing system over the years, all while eliminating unplanned expenses.