Roof Asset Management for Cost-Effectiveness

Roof Asset Management for Cost-Effectiveness

The true cost of commercial roofing maintenance comes from reactive, rather than proactive, roof management. Ultimately, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and without having a thorough understanding of the past, current, and future state of your roofing system, you become prone to costly repairs and replacements.

Roof asset management is a critical way to manage your roofing system costs effectively, preparing for potential maintenance well in advance and utilizing ongoing assessments and analyses to predict when repairs or replacement may be necessary in order to budget appropriately.

When considering the value of your roofing asset, it’s important to consider all the various ways your roof protects your business and all of the items, equipment, or occupants within the building. A sturdy and reliable roof is safer and it protects your valuables from rain, snow, sleet, wind, and natural disaster. Replacing items that have been damaged, or paying out individuals who are harmed or sick due to a faulty roofing system can be tremendous burden on finances.

A well-maintained roof also increases the energy efficiency of your entire building. Durable materials protect from the cold or heat that would otherwise seep into your business and raise your energy bills considerably. Furthermore, a reliable roofing system increases productivity within your business, as there is a lower risk for operation disruption or potential customer dissatisfaction that could come from having to close temporarily for repairs.

Roof asset management helps to lengthen your roof’s service life and ensure that disruptions and pricey repairs are minimal. Chiefly, roof asset management helps to centralize your maintenance activities and needs into one unified system where you can access repair history, upcoming inspections, and warranty details.

Preventing major repairs and being able to use documentation to strategically allocate funds and resources is a gamechanger for cutting costs on your roof asset management. Partnering with a trusted roof management company like Building Technology Associates gives you access to comprehensive roof care management that can save you thousands and prolong your roof’s service life significantly.