Data Analytics for Thorough Roof Management

Data Analytics for Thorough Roof Management

The best way to maintain and support your roof’s service life is through regular and comprehensive management. As technology has progressed, the means of monitoring the condition of your roof over time has become much easier and much more accurate, particularly through the use of data analytics.

With the goal of identifying potential weak spots or necessary repairs well in advance, analytical software programs can now be used to plan thoroughly ahead of time for when roof maintenance or replacement might be necessary. Here are a few key ways data analytics can be used to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your roof’s current state:

Wind, water, or other weather-related damages are one of the leading causes of overall roof deterioration and can often cause shingles or tiles to decay or break. Often, these types of damages can impact the overall integrity of the roof and building. Using technology such as infrared drones allows you to collect data about hard-to-reach areas of your commercial roof, including identifying where materials have been damaged or the depth of damage in the roofing system. This can be a massively cost-saving measure as you can utilize proactive rather than reactive maintenance processes.

Data management itself can be a gamechanger in your comprehensive roof management plan. Utilizing data analytics, you can track and monitor the service life of your roof, including when inspections have been completed or need to be scheduled, what repairs have been completed and when, which areas of the roof need to be checked more frequently, and all regulatory information and insurances. Having all of this comprehensive data at your fingertips makes it easier to oversee the management of your roof and make more informed decisions about its care.

If you ever plan on selling your commercial building, data analytics are a critical selling point. Being able to provide potential buyers with design specifications, precise measurements, and a detailed history of the roof’s service life including all maintenance can be a major benefit. This provides buyers with a thorough understanding of the roofing system they’re purchasing and lends credibility to you as the seller.

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