Getting to the Root of the Problem

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Unfortunately, many building owners maintain their roofs reactively by patching leaks or damages as they occur, but operating mainly under the philosophy of, “out of sight out of mind.” The result is often numerous costly repairs that accumulate over time while roof conditions deteriorate without the owner’s knowledge.

Avoiding this outcome involves proactive roof maintenance. Being proactive about roof care is more than just scheduled inspections, it’s also about getting to the root of any problems that do arise. For example, while reactive maintenance involves patching a leak when you notice it, or clearing debris off the roof only prior to inspections, proactive maintenance involves seeking to understand the underlying reason for issues with your roof. A leak might be an indicator of a more serious problem, like structural damage or pooling water from clogged gutters. Patching one leak might rectify the problem momentarily, but without fully investigating the underlying issue, those leaks will continue to pop up and deteriorate your roof more and more over time.

Utilizing a qualified roofing consultant can ensure that you don’t underestimate serious problems with your roofing system for surface-level concerns. Utilizing drones, infrared technology, and industry expertise, these consultants can ensure you have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your current roof conditions. By monitoring at-risk areas and analyzing the underlying structure of the roof itself, a consultant will be able to provide more accurate information regarding whether small leaks or damages are indicative of larger, more costly, concerns to be worried about.

This type of proactive roof care that focuses on identifying the root cause of surface-level issues significantly increases the service life of your roof. It helps inform your roof care decisions, and can help you budget for necessary repairs and replacements as needed, ensuring that your roofing costs stay as minimal as possible.

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