Manufacturing Facilities

At BTA, we pride ourselves in providing custom Total Roof Management solutions for industrial buildings, automotive plants, and manufacturing facilities. These demanding work environments depend on your plant and equipment to meet the stringent requirements of today’s market. We are dedicated to consistently complying with industrial energy efficiency benchmarking systems through focusing on extending the life of the building roof, on reducing costs, and on preserving capital. BTA not only meets the highest standards, we strengthen the overall integrity of our industry. We ensure proper roof design, construction, roof maintenance, and renovation in an effort to reduce overall facility costs. BTA recognizes the unique needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities and takes a proactive approach to providing Total Roof Management solutions. Our industrial roof management provides:

  • Savings in deferred roof expenses
  • Increased roof life cycle & savings
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improved building security
  • Savings on roof repairs
  • Savings on roof construction costs

BTA provides Total Roof Management solutions for major automotive and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our Total Roof Management services include re-surveying of facilities. To date, BTA has successfully serviced over 750 million square feet of roofing at hundreds of manufacturing/industrial facilities and has provided ongoing management of roofing databases. BTA also performs comprehensive roof assessments and related roofing services that include roof planning, budgeting, design, and construction support.

BTA has successfully reduced the annual roofing management costs for a client through strategic repairs and management practices that ended up saving them 28% in deferred re-reroofing costs over a 3 year period.