Hospitals & Medical Centers

Anyone who has been a patient or has worked in a hospital or health care facility knows the importance of maintaining a quiet, clean, and secure environment. It’s with this is mind that BTA delivers proactive healthcare roof management solutions to help decrease roof repair costs, to lengthen the life of building roofs, to diminish roof leaks, and to improve roof quality while maintaining a safe, environmentally-friendly atmosphere with minimal disruptions. Our healthcare roof management provides:

  • Savings in deferred roof expenses
  • Increased roof life cycle & savings
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improved building security
  • Savings on roof repairs
  • Savings on roof construction costs

Healthcare Roof Management Expertise

Our experienced healthcare roof management team has the processes and tools to help you make financially sound decisions that directly affect your bottom line. It’s the special treatment that BTA’s Total Roof Management provides that makes all the difference and allows you to focus on what is important – your patients. BTA Helps their healthcare clients successfully manage their roofs by increasing roof life through preventive maintenance and strategic repairs.