Most consultants and roofing contractors believe that simply determining the appropriate time to replace a roof can be considered asset management. At BTA we view your roof as a financial asset, which can be managed for a return. We identify opportunities to extend roof life cost by reducing capital requirements while, at the same time, reducing leaks and the damage they cause. Not all roofs can be prolonged – eventually they all reach the end of their financial life. When this happens, we provide expert design and construction management to ensure the utmost quality and longevity for your replacement roofs.
Roof contractors know they need to do quality work at a competitive price to stay in business. But in the end their goal is to get roofing work. At BTA we represent you, the owner, and look for ways to prolong the life of your roof. Yet there comes a time when it no longer makes sense to continue repairing a roof that has chronic problems that amount to more expense dollars each year than the annualize cost of a new roof. Through objective data driven analysis, we are able to identify the best use of your limited funds.
Actually there are several things about BTA process that you just can’t get anywhere else! To name a few: Because we use a standardized process that ensures the data we gather is objective and free of subjective opinions, every roof in your inventory is being analyzed the exact same way. This common yardstick approach enables us to prioritize your roofing needs based on their financial impact to your bottom line. We populate a database in our sub-based RoofSuite® system that becomes a dynamic management tool. BTA (or you) can easily and electronically update this database on any repairs and replacements that occur subsequent to our analysis – thus reducing the frequency of inspections to one every 4 or 5 years. Our RoofSuite® system has the ability to play “What-if” and determine the best use of funds given and financial or operational constraints that may exist. If budget recommendations cannot be fully funded, we can tell you exactly what course of action you should take to get the best bang for your buck on the money that is available.
BTA represents the owner’s best interest objectively with no allegiance to a specific roof type, manufacturer or roofing contractor. Service agreements and warranties can be voided for many reasons such as unsuitable design, improper use of materials, poor workmanship or improper maintenance. So many in fact, that it can seem they are written to protect the manufacturer rather than the owner. BTA’s total quality management process assures a high quality, 20-year roof without the need to purchase warranty.
BTA shows financial impact of how repairing the roof, thus reducing need for capital expenditures, improves a company’s bottom line. We also can show the penalty costs associated with 'mining an asset' and how this practice only assures bigger problems and risks down the road. Many of our clients have been able to justify their roofing budgets and get the relief they need by relying on BTA’s process to put these requests in 'dollars and sense.'
Infrared technology is a very useful tool that can pinpoint areas with wet insulation, which indicates roof failure in an isolated area. But what it doesn’t tell you is where the next point of failure will be – or more importantly; which repairs you can do now to avoid those problems in the future. IR is a tool BTA uses where and when appropriate but we don’t view it as the first and only method of roof assessment or management.