We Live and Breathe Roof Management

Since 1959, we have been the pioneer and innovator in roof management. Today, our cutting-edge software, RoofSuite®, uses sophisticated financial modeling to reduce costs, decrease issues, and increase the life of your roofing inventory. BTA is neither a contractor nor a representative of any roof material manufacturer. Our independence ensures there is no self-serving agenda. BTA has lowered the cost of ownership on over one billion square feet of roofing for Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, school districts hospitals, universities, and government agencies. From the start, BTA becomes your advocate and partner to provide cost-effective roofing solutions for all your roofing needs. We built our Roof Fitness Program to serve our clients better. We developed our thorough and comprehensive roof management programs based on decades of experience and an eye on the latest industry advancements. Our process places your interests and cost savings first.

Industry Experienced Roof Management

The BTA team of Registered Roof Consultants (RRC) and Registered Roof Observers (RRO) have managed over a billion square feet of roofing. With hundreds of years of experience, our consultants’ knowledge of roofing is unparalleled in the industry. Project safety is fundamental at BTA, and the projects we manage have a safety rating 40% better than the industry average.

Results-Oriented Roof Management

BTA determines your unique needs and takes a proactive approach to provide total roof management solutions that add value to your roof assets by:

• Reducing energy costs while improving infrastructure and sustainability
• Controlling your roof assets spending
• Lowering your capital costs and spending on roof maintenance and replacement
• Extending the useful life of your roofs
• Reducing leaks and the problems and liabilities they cause

Client Aligned Roof Management

We are more than roof management consultants; we are roofing people that won't rest until we determine and solve your problem. We provide personal service to relieve your roof headaches and make the best use of your time, assets, and budget.

Technology Focused Roof Management

Even with over six decades under our belt, we continue to learn and employ the latest technology to serve our clients best. For example, our total roof management is a proven process utilizing our proprietary and advanced software program, RoofSuite®. This scientific approach for assessing, designing, managing, and extending your roof assets' life to estimate and minimize expenditures effectively. RoofSuite® allows BTA to deliver a superior level of roof asset management from a financial perspective. BTA continually investigates processes and technology improvements that enable us to help customers with strategic and efficient roofing investment decisions. BTA is committed to establishing a high-efficiency standard and provides action plans and strategies for PV, solar lighting, cool roofing, vegetative roofing, and other sustainable roofing solutions.