When Should You Utilize a Roof Consultant?

When Should You Utilize a Roof Consultant?

Roof repairs or, even worse, replacements, can take a major toll on a building and those that work within it. Not only is productivity compromised and employee morale impacted when large portions of the building are under construction, but major renovations also come with hefty price tags. Utilizing a roof consultant can help to mitigate these concerns and provide peace of mind that your roof is up to par and, if any maintenance is needed, it’s completed in a timely manner with the lowest number of interruptions to day-to-day operations. The major question, therefore, is when a roofing consultant should be considered. There are a few components to keep in mind:


Most commonly, a roof consultant is called in when problems are beginning to arise with a commercial roof. While this type of utilization is reactive, it can be beneficial for determining the underlying cause of the problem (structural integrity, a leak, etc.), and a roof consultant can design a plan of action to rectify the problem. However, proactive utilization of a roofing consultant is preferred.

Design Phase

Hiring a trusted roofing consultant during the design phase of your roofing project, whether for a new build or for a complete replacement, can give you a leg up in preparing for your roof’s full-service life. Because a roofing consultant provides an entirely objective third-party perspective, they will be able to help draft up plans that fit your specific needs and desires and can suggest alterations or design choices that match your budget.

During Renovation

Whether you’re renovating a piece of the roof or any other part of your building, having a professional roofing consultant look over your plans with a fresh set of eyes can be a massively beneficial choice. Any renovations on a building run the risk of compromising the roof’s overall integrity, and having a consultant review these plans can help you identify and rectify potential problems before they occur.


Roofing consultants can be a valuable asset during any repairs to your roofing system, no matter how small. Internal staff typically don’t have the expertise to fully understand what repairs may be needed or what the root cause of problems is, and contractors often have their own agenda to overestimate potential repairs. Roofing consultants, on the other hand, charge a fraction of the cost and provide an objective analysis of your roof and what steps need to be taken to restore or maintain it.

Wherever you’re at in your roof’s service life, utilizing a roofing consultant gives you the ability to execute your roofing plans in the most informed and cost-efficient way possible.

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