Five Key Roof Management Practices

Five Key Roof Management Practices

Replacing, maintaining, and repairing roofing systems can be a daunting task for any building owner, but by utilizing crucial management practices, the quality and service life of your roof can be drastically increased. Some of the best practices to make sure your roof is up to date and well-managed include:

Roof Asset Management Program

A qualified consultant can help you set up a roof asset management program that will analyze your current roofing system and determine when inspections need to be conducted, any upcoming repairs, etc. Utilizing a roof asset management program allows for long-term planning that can help you avoid unexpected mends, replacements, and costs. These systems also categorize your roof and combine all of its specifications and dimensions, into one report, making it easier to transfer information to contractors.

Consistent Inspections

Conducting consistent roof inspections is crucial to keeping up to date on the condition and quality of your roofing system. Not only do these inspections keep your roofing system up to warranty and safety standards, but they also save massive amounts of time and money in the long run as they notify you of maintenance concerns before they worsen. Initial inspections before buying a building informs you about any potential concerns in the roofing system as a whole, and annual inspections every year are best practice to identify even small leaks or damages and lengthen the overall service life of your roof.

Monitor Roof Access

Particularly for large commercial building owners, monitoring roof access can be a keyway to maintain the life and quality of your roofing system. Unauthorized access to a roof, or roofing done by less-than-ideal roofers, can damage the integrity of your roofing system. Closely monitoring who is allowed on the roof and what work/activities are done there can help minimize the risk of damage.

Keep Comprehensive Records

While roof asset management programs can perform much of your recordkeeping for you, it’s always a good idea to record any service calls, who performed work on your roofing system, what problems were addressed, warranty specifications etc. This makes it easier to provide a comprehensive history of your roofing system to future contractors or buyers.

Utilize Technology

Technology has greatly impacted the roofing industry and allows owners to monitor roof conditions much more precisely than in the past. Using technology such as infrared thermal mapping or electronic leak tracking can help identify repair issues faster and more efficiently, allowing you to remedy the issue before it worsens. As an independent owner-advocate, BTA uses our Roof Fitness Program with RoofSuite® technology to manage your roof asset to reduce costs, lower disruptions to operations, improve safety, and prolong roof life. Contact us to discuss your roof management needs at