W E    T E A C H    R O O F S    T O    T A L K ! S M


BTA’s cutting-edge roof management software, RoofSuite®, enables our clients to make informed and strategic roofing decisions by using objective and scientific data. Our sophisticated costing database and advanced optimization process evaluates every combination of repair options to determine the most cost-effective roof solutions to add service life to your roof assets.

RoofSuite® is the most advanced roof management software and database in the roofing industry.

BTA’s process delivers consistent, objective, and real-time recommendations that support strategic planning and decision-making by facility managers, property owners, and capital budget directors.

RoofSuite® Capabilities

  • Objectively determines condition of your roof assets
  • Determines the project life of your building’s roof based on actuarial data
  • Calculates roof repair and roof replacement costs
  • Sophisticated modeling of roof life extension options and opportunities
  • Integrates with enterprise systems to support facility cost forecasting and asset planning

Program Establishment

  • RoofSuite® is at the core of our Total Roof Management solutions. Our sophisticated patented process provides building owners with the most robust total roof management tools in the industry, enabling them to maximize asset preservation by reducing roof defects and by extending the useful life of their facilities roofs in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Various roof data is gathered at the client’s facilities and inputted into RoofSuite® to begin the development of a comprehensive inventory database that can be accessed online by the client. This inventory serves as the cornerstone for the development of asset condition indices, projections of remaining roof service life, and roofing program budgets.

RoofSuite® Program BenefitsBenefits:

  • Produces Condition Indices that support roof repair and/or replacement decisions.
  • Modifies valuation each year to reflect current economic realities.
  • Identifies and reports deficiencies consistent with repair strategies and budget allowances.
  • Provides cost-analyses and optimized spend plans based on operational and financial constraints.
  • Identifies remaining useful roof life in terms of serviceability estimates (SE) for use in budgeting and planning.
  • Quantifies the impact of deferred roof replacements and loss of remaining roof life by deferring strategic roof repairs.
  • Generates multi-year roof management budgets based on all known objectives and financial scenarios.

Data Collection & Inventory

  • Collecting as-built and historical data of roof areas.
  • Performing onsite roof inspections.
  • Collecting Severity & Quantity of Defects
  • Collecting comprehensive information from the site to develop CAD drawings.
  • Rooftop drawings are created or existing drawings are modified to capture the layout and dimensions of each discreet roof.
  • All penetrations, piping, and raised equipment are located on the drawing.
  • Drawings are prepared in AutoCAD or Microstation based on site requirements.
  • All the information is gathered and processed through RoofSuite® for a full analysis of your roof assets.

Analysis & Financial Planning

  • RoofSuite® analyzes each of the data points and develops an estimated life cycle for each distinct roof area based on the as-built make-up.
  • Based on the severity, quantity, and combination of defects, the system then determines the condition of the roof. From these calculations the serviceability estimate (SE), or remaining service life, is projected.
  • Multi-year budgets can be established under optimal or constrained scenarios. RoofSuite® determines the best course of action for roof repair and replacement strategies and multi-year financial planning based on specific client budgets.
  • Color-coded drawings represent Projections of Serviceability (remaining roof service life).
  • Visual presentation of opportunities for improvement to the existing roofing systems.
  • Serviceability Estimate (SE) drawings represent the actuarial projected remaining life of the roof at the facility in its current state.
  • Adjusted Serviceability Estimate (ASE) drawings represent the revised scenario given BTA’s optimal roof repair strategies and life extending repairs

Design & Construction Management

  • The execution of RoofSuite® recommendations for roof repair and replacement.
  • Developing the design and specifications and RoofSuite® database of pre-qualified subcontractors assists with project bidding and award.
  • Safety plans are developed for each site to address potential hazards or restrictions and to ensure a safe work environment.
  • BTA manages roof construction contractors to assure safe practices, quality standards, work within project budgets, and project completions are on schedule.


  • Electronic specification
  • Web based bidding
  • Web based construction schedules updated daily

Annual Program Update

  • Continuing to provide annual roof inspections, maintaining the condition of the roof, and updating the database to ensure accuracy in roof management.
  • Preparation of preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Creation and management of a roof leak response program.
  • Technical support.
  • 24/7 on-call response services.