W E    T E A C H    R O O F S    T O    T A L K ! S M

  • RAMP is recognized as “Best in Class” and as a model for future infrastructure programs. NNSA’s RAMP has:
  • Added $23.7 Million in value to our roofing portfolio through life extending repairs
  • Saved $ 8.5 Million in Construction Costs
  • Increased Average remaining life of roof inventory by 28%
  • Replaced over 2 million square feet with more energy efficient, sustainable roofs
  • Eliminated $80 Million in deferred maintenance from the 2003 congressional baseline
  • Realized energy cost savings exceeding 55% over reroofed areas

NNSA’s Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP)

The challenge of aging roofs goes beyond simple wear and tear. Government agencies today are faced with the ever increasing number of aging buildings and virtually everyone is being asked to do more with less. Building design, construction methods and materials have continued to evolve; coupled with new factors like energy efficiency and sustainability. These concepts were not likely considered when these buildings were constructed.

The NNSA’s Roof Asset Management Program (RAMP) represents a strategic approach to meet the challenge of delivering high-performing buildings for these aging roofs. Best practices established through the program allow us to understand the condition, life expectancy and life-cycle value of any particular roof system (including accurate, future-oriented assessment of where the roof is in its life cycle). This is not only crucial to the sustainability of aging buildings, but it is also extremely cost-effective in the long run by preventing costly damage and premature replacement.

RAMP utilizes centralized planning techniques to effectively manage roofing assets across multiple sites. The process involves an assessment of all roof areas including the roof system, age, condition, and mission criticality. A scientific approach is used to objectively analyze and compare roofs across the entire inventory. Once the inventory is established, an integrated priority list is developed that determines the program priorities. NNSA/HQ allocates funding to the highest priority roofing needs based on objective, uniform criteria gathered at each site - regardless of which site owns the roof. The strength of the program is not only the identification and replacement of critical roof areas, but the ability to make sound decisions to optimize and extend roof life through cost effective repairs.

The program provides more environmentally sound white roof standards across the portfolio. By designing, installing and maintaining roofs that use less energy and cost less to cool, the NNSA was able to achieve significant improvements in budget and operating expenses. In fact, they replaced almost 2.8 million square feet of standard roofing with “Cool” roofing over the past five years, based on predictive modeling that showed this approach to be the most environmentally friendly way to handle the replacement. RAMP led the way within NNSA and incorporated a cool roof standard two years before institutionalization within DOE.

The NNSA RAMP expanded its scope beyond the Nuclear Security Enterprise by partnering with Idaho National Laboratory (INL), the first DOE site to execute design, assessment and construction in FY10. RAMP achieved a 34% construction savings vs. traditional contracting methods.