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COMMERCIAL / REAL ESTATE - Retail and Rental Property Roof Management

Location is a key factor that anyone buying property lives by. Just as important, however, is maintaining your real estate property once you have acquired it. In these times of tight budgets, tougher competition and tenant retention, your need to protect your investment is even more crucial. BTA provides strategic roof asset management services to help reduce roof repair costs, to extend the life of your roof, to minimize leaks, and to improve roof quality while ensuring minimal disruptions to your tenants.

Whether you manage a single property or several hundred, keeping the facility and its roof in good condition will reduce business downtime, will keep tenants happy, and will lead to greater revenue and increased margins in the long run. So, no matter the type of property or the location, BTA will ensure its roof and those beneath it are always safe from roof failure.

BTA is highly experienced in offering and delivering a variety of roof management solutions for commercial and real estate properties and takes a preventive approach when managing roofs for these industries.