W E    T E A C H    R O O F S    T O    T A L K ! S M


BTA has been working with a federal client since 2003, and currently manages six sites with approximately 16 million square feet of roofing – including manufacturing, office, laboratory, and warehouse facilities. Challenges in recent years have included demanding security requirements, a backlog of deferred roof maintenance, and funding constraints.

BTA’s approach involved a mix of replacement and repair, depending on computer-model projections of each situation. BTA then used a program called EnergyWise, developed by the Department of Energy and National Roofing Contractors Association, to calculate the potential cost savings for each project.

In one typical situation, 39,000 feet of roofing was replaced, increasing the R value from 7.75 to 21.25, or 174%. Estimated heating and cooling cost savings according to EnergyWise were $4,700 per year, a 63% reduction. Better yet, the methods used to reduce energy expenditures (staggered joints, cold-applied systems, reflective surfaces, etc.) reduced environmental impact in many other ways (e.g., less energy used to apply coatings; less material for disposal).

For the agency’s total roof assets as a whole, the energy savings were equally impressive. Total changes in weighted R-value increased by 193% in 2007 (to 23.77) and 139% for 2008 (to 21.37). These values compare favorably with the ASHRAE 90.1 R-value requirement of 19 in most cases.