W E    T E A C H    R O O F S    T O    T A L K ! S M


Building Technology Associates (BTA) has built our business process to better serve our clients since 1959. Innovation has led the way to the development of BTA’s technology to assess, monitor, and progressively plan for roof management issues. We use both technology and our history to work for you while keeping a keen eye on cost-efficient solutions that maximize your resources.

BTA Top View - Roofing Specialists

BTA’s team is made up of the very best professionals in the industry. Our team of specialist’s provides total roof management with a proven process, utilizing our advanced software, RoofsuiteSM , for assessing, designing, managing and extending the life of your roof assets. One source for all your roof management needs. BTA’s loyalty is with you and your roof. LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY ROOFS.

BTA Heightened Perspective - Cost-Effective Roofing Solutions

BTA is a team of experienced professionals that provide companies with a complete understanding of their roof asset so they can improve their facilities with a plan for the future. Our priority is to save you time and money and eliminate unplanned expenses by providing cost effective solutions.

  • Eliminate unplanned expenses
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Increase capital budget control
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Prolong your roof life

BTA High Priority Roof Management

BTA is your Total Roof Management team with a worldwide delivery of complete roofing services with over 50 years experience. We manage your roof and its related costs like our own. Our approach places your interests and cost savings first. We prioritize roof needs based on our scientific approach to increase return on your investment while decreasing energy usage and expenses. BTA has a focused and comprehensive roof management program that transforms your company’s roofs into a predictable expense. Our philosophy is based on a proactive approach, which involves anticipating and correcting small or potential roofing problems before they become larger ones.

BTA Advantage - Exclusive Roof Asset Management Software

The BTA team provides Total Roof Management with a proven process utilizing their exclusive roof asset management software program, RoofSuite®. Our scientific approach for assessing, designing, managing, and extending the life of your roof assets positions our clients to effectively plan and minimize roofing expenditures. RoofSuite® enables BTA to deliver cost-effective roof asset management services that are superior in the industry. Click here to view RoofSuite®